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The process of setting up each Journeying With scheme will be unique - according to the local area, the church(es)and the people running it. This is why Torch Trust is here to support you throughout the whole process. Through the initial stages, raising awareness, training, linking with local sight professionals, and as the scheme grows – Torch will work with you.

Whilst each scheme will develop in its' own way, depending on the local situation, it will be important to consider each of the stages below when starting a scheme. This will ensure that your scheme has a good start, and runs in a way that has the confidence of clients, volunteers and professionals (e.g. NHS Eye Clinics, local sight loss agencies, RNIB, etc.). For more details about these stages, and to help you get started, download our guide to 'Coordinating a Journeying With Scheme' or  request a printed copy by contacting us.

1. Ground Work

       Involve the church leadership

       Gather interested people to pray for your Journeying With scheme

       Recruit a leader or leadership team

       Think about any practical or resource implications

2. Getting Ready

       Finding your volunteers

       Checking the suitability of volunteers

       Criminal Records Checks

       Appoint your scheme leader, or ‘Volunteer Coordinator’

       Training your volunteers

3. Launching the scheme

       Commission the volunteers

       Link up with local health and social care professionals

       Promote the scheme locally

       Publicity material and referral forms

       Methods of referral

4. Up and running!

       Receive referrals

       Match clients and volunteers carefully

       Ongoing support for volunteers

       Develop the befriending relationship

    Completion of each befriending relationship


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