Journeying With

Journeying With – a listening ear for you: Christian befriending for people with sight loss.

If you are experiencing sight loss, Journeying With may be for you. This free service, launched by Torch Trust, brings volunteers from local churches as befrienders alongside people who are adjusting to sight loss.

A team you can trust


Confidential support as you adjust to life with sight loss

What you can expect from a Journeying With volunteer

Who can benefit?

What people are saying about Journeying With

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Download Journeying With client leaflet and referral form

A team you can trust

Journeying With volunteers are Christians from local churches who are committed to supporting anyone who is adjusting to sight loss. Volunteers are fully trained, checked, and supported through ongoing supervision and training.

Confidential support as you adjust to life with sight loss

A Journeying With volunteer will give you the opportunity to discuss your feelings and offer practical, confidential support as you adjust to life with sight loss. They can visit you at home, meet out and about, or be a listening ear over the telephone. The volunteer will support you for a few hours each week, over six months, to help rebuild confidence and support your longer-term independence. They’ll be as flexible as possible to meet your needs, and ready to pray and support you on your faith journey if you choose.

What you can expect from a Journeying With volunteer

Confidential emotional support

Christian companionship on your sight-loss journey

Information and support to help you make decisions

Links to local services

Information about the resources and services available from Torch

Support when dealing with agencies and healthcare professionals

A listening ear and a fresh Christian perspective

What people are saying about Journeying With

Her coming through the door and 'shining'… Just coming to the door - that means a lot because I don't have many people coming here at all. I'm so lonely, very lonely. I had so much to do before this happened, then all of a sudden you've nothing to do.

I wouldn't have talked about things the way I do now. I wouldn't have talked to other people because they have problems of their own. I would have kept it all to myself. Whereas with [my befriender] I could confide in her and she was a good listener…

She's been a real friend. Somebody I could speak to about the way I was, the way I felt.

Talking to someone like yourself, it helps to be able to talk about your faith - it comes back to you when you are talking about it, it comes back to you both.

I would definitely recommend it. I would tell them about the change it makes in your life. Having somebody new coming in and discovering new friends.

It makes a great change in your life. If you get the right volunteer they are a great companion to you. They listen to you and talk to you. There is no distance between you - they are very friendly.

To read some stories about how people have benefited from having a Journeying With volunteer please see our 'Success stories' page.

Who can benefit?

The scheme is open to clients over 18, who are losing sight and live in a scheme area. If you would like a Journeying With volunteer, do get in touch.

More schemes are being set up over time, so do get in touch even if you live outside a current project area. Your local scheme will aim to match you with a volunteer as soon as possible, though this will depend upon the availability of volunteers, and will keep in touch with you throughout the process.

To find out more or book

If you would like to know more about having a Journeying With befriender, or know someone who may like a befriender, please fill out the 'Expression of Interest' form or contact us. We will be in touch to let you know about schemes running in your area.

Download Journeying With client leaflet

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