Journeying With

Journeying With

“I don't have many people coming here at all. I'm so lonely, very lonely … I don't have anyone at all to talk to about the macular degeneration. It's what you don't know that frightens you, when you can't understand what's going on in your eye.” Isabel


What Isabel needs most is a little time … from someone who will come alongside her in her time of need. You could be just the person to help someone like her.

Isabel is not the only person to feel this way. In fact her story is all too common. Each day across Britain, 100 people learn that they are losing their sight. Most receive little or no emotional support at what can be a devastating time. It is not unusual for people to experience loss of sight as something like a bereavement. Diminishing sight can make it hard to get out and about, to pursue hobbies, to make new friends – or keep up with old ones. Loneliness and depression are a real risk.

Could You Help Meet This Need?

In response to this large and growing need Torch Trust has launched Journeying With, a distinctively Christian befriending service which brings Christian volunteers alongside people who are struggling with sight loss. Befrienders can visit the person losing their sight at home, meet out and about, or be a listening ear over the telephone. There are already many success stories of how Journeying With volunteers are meeting this need in various parts of the UK.

How Can You Get Involved?

We are currently building a national network to provide face to face or telephone befriending. The local schemes will be run in partnership between Torch Trust, local volunteers and local churches. Volunteers will receive full training from Torch.

Use the menu links to find out more about volunteering, starting a scheme in your local church, getting a befriender or how professionals can refer people to the scheme.

You can also register your interest with the Torch Journeying With team by filling out our online interest form, telephoning 01858 438 260, or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

“Maureen has been a real friend. Somebody I could speak to about the way I was, the way I felt. She let me talk, and she listened.” Isabel